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Why Don't You Know?

This week I have discovered new levels of exhaustion. It'd probably be easier for me to count the hours I haven't been at work. And yet my net progress on making my next month of existence less bleak than this one? ...Not very great. But this is a horse long ago dead and beaten, so let's not get into it. (I probably should, because I'm getting ranty at unsuspecting actual people, but that's an issue for me to deal with.)

So, instead, here's some music that's keeping me sane (or at least amusing me). I have an on again, off again relationship with the Magnetic Fields which is apparently back on after hearing Andrew in Drag. There are times when Stephin Merritt's voice kind of annoys me, but this is just perfect (then again, I have a bit of a crush on his songwriting sometimes). Then there's this strangely appealing song about the fine line between pining after someone and stalking them: Why Don't You Know? by Mitchmatic. Plus he's the sort of guy that has you name your own price for downloads, and that's the sort of thing I can get behind. The main issue with these two songs is that the albums they're on aren't out yet... (It's probably also interesting to note that my tolerance for novelty songs goes WAY up when I'm stressed.)

On a non-novelty front, I'm also still trying to sort out Undun by the Roots. I'm really enjoying the album, but I'm pretty sure it's because I was given the easiest way into it in the world: it's inspired (in a loose way) by Sufjan Stevens and it's a concept album about a character whose arc is based on a character from the Wire and the story is told backwards, beginning with the character's death. So it's really no surprise that I was on this album like things that are really on other things. Yet I'm pretty sure that 1) my favorite tracks are the worst on the album and 2) I'm mostly enjoying it as a vessel for thought experiments. So yeah... really not sure how to approach this one from a critical standpoint. Lots of other people who know what they're doing with rap/hip-hop seem to have enjoyed it too, though, for what that's worth.

P.S. Guys, as appealing as it sounds to me sometimes, quitting my job and going to SXSW to pretend to be a freelance music journalist until someone mistakes me for a real one probably isn't a viable career plan. Please remind me of this in the coming weeks.

P.P.S. I keep forgetting to mention it, but I have some new photos up of the Garfield Park Conservatory (the new ones start at the red ball of flowers on the second row). They just re-opened the Aroid and Desert Houses last weekend (in addition to the Fern Room, which reopened a few weeks before), so I dragged my parents out to visit and took a bunch of pictures. There are also a handful of pictures of my trip down to the south side beaches (most are from Rainbow Beach, the last beach on the Lakefront Path). You can tell I'd been lacking for sunshine by how often I wantonly aimed my camera into the sun.



29th Jan, 2012 16:53 (UTC)
The music recs are pretty easy to sum up: they're silly. (-:

At this point, if my job were to be nuked from space I'd probably be at it. My best hope is that we keep losing clients and my bosses actually do something about it rather than just shouting at an office full of people who are all overworked (four other people were at the office with me yesterday, for longer than I was). We have an emergency staff meeting tomorrow at noon, and I'm kind of hoping they put me out of my misery and fire me.

I might be up for some writing later, but I've promised myself that I'm going to apply for jobs this morning, then (as a reward if I manage to do that), I'm going to go look at an alarmingly loud single-speed bike that's on sale because I need an easy-to-fix bike for winter riding and I kind of like alarmingly hipster loud hipster green hipster bikes.

(I've been up since 9 and I think this is the most free time I've had in two weeks. It's really weird.)