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Meta calls to me!

I wish I had enough time to finish writing up some Meta things tonight because agh, authorial intent! It is haunting me. Thankfully I got through Reichenbach without any meta-level issues, but I still have some lingering from ASiB, and somehow Andrew Hussie is massively stepping into it in regards to race on Tumblr tonight and this makes an excellent counterpoint to the gender and sexuality issues Moffat has been poking at in some of his writing recently. I must get some sitting-still time in the near future! I need to pose endless open-ended questions about how much we should take authorial intent into account! And whether we should hold authors responsible for failings we only detect (or, more accurately, feel we can confirm beyond usual suspicions) in context of their extra-narrative actions! Ugh! (Actually, now that I've started this maybe it'll happen in the comments and I can just participate?)

(Incidentally, for those of you who were involved in one of my previous meta rambles on race, Hussie's attempting to defend the same "readers can be held accountable for the racism they read into a story/default-to-white-bias is not the author's responsibility to dispel" points I've tried defending before (with limited success). And I'm feeling residual embarrassment for how haughty that argument sounds in retrospect. Still really fascinating, though, especially in regards to a story that's so heavily reliant on archetypes. And I really want to corner Hussie in a bar somewhere or something and talk to him about this stuff beyond the somewhat condescending tone he always takes when talking to his fandom at large. Because this is an actual issue that he's poking at here, and it's got me intrigued.)

But, since I don't really have time for anything in depth, here's something entirely irrelevant. I've done a post-mortem on my deceased lock, just so everyone can have a friendly reminder to always have a spare key.


18th Feb, 2012 04:14 (UTC)
Oh, you know what... I think you're probably on to something with Mom being the source of the Void power intervention. I definitely think there was something more at play as far as the Guardians being in the beta session, and the idea that their destined hero powers might also be in play... I'm actually not sure what that would mean yet, but I could definitely see it being a Thing. Given the importance of death for god tier ascension, I wouldn't be surprised if it's necessary for alpha/beta versions of the same player to be dead in order for the powers to be in play at all (preventing cross-universe overlap). I think it would (in a way) explain the void-out, provided timey-wimey-spacey-wacey shenanigans would line Roxy's first use of her powers up with her beta-self's death. It might also neatly explain why all the Beta kids' would-be-Guardian selves are dead/mysteriously missing and presumed dead by the time the alpha kids are ready to enter the game.

(I think it was mentioned that the Trolls couldn't ever see the kids' dream selves, so it's probably not weird that Kanaya lost track of Rose after she became her dream self. I'd actually forgotten that the blackout was localized. Man, so many things I overlook...)

I had forgotten about Nepeta asking about favorite humans... though I'll admit that I never really thought of that as fannish, since the portrayal of the Trolls' relationship to the beta kids was always skewed toward creator/creation (at least at first). I felt like it was more like the way we watch and assign personalities to fish in a tank or something. (-; Which probably says something weird about the differences in and similarities between how creators and their creations and fans and their fandoms relate. This is a thought I intend to come back to after I've had a chance to go back and reread some things.

Dirk and Equius would be so awesome together. Actually, it'd probably be a total trainwreck because I don't imagine Dirk would be onboard with the whole obsession with social strata and roles, but they could probably break work through that.

This is doubtlessly exactly why the Horrorterrors are crying out for help.

And aaaah, that flash! (Why is every flash with Dirk so excellent?) I'm actually pretty sure now that Dirk is just calm and calculating enough that he's not going to tip over the edge into cartoonishly evil sorcerer. There's a part of me that's worried about all the badassery that he's displayed so far, though. That sort of thing always makes me feel like a big fall is in store, but so much is already wonky with their session that it's probably just necessary for them not to be creamed automatically (I mean, in theory somewhere there's an Alpha Doc Scratch grooming everyone).

I totally felt validated when Jane pointed out Roxy's five-times-wonking. It's ironic glassware and water all the way down, most certainly! (-; (I love that Roxy's writing style is basically designed for Rose to pick apart with Freudian psychology.)