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Omg, I'm sorry!

Guys, I'm still alive! I'm sorry. I think it's been almost a month since I've posted anything, and last you heard from me I was busy crying and gnashing my teeth about my writing job (which I still have. It's a long story that I'm not keen to revisit (unless you really want me to?), but we'll just say No One Was Right and leave it at that for the time being.) Also part of my hiatus may or may not have had a lot to do with 1) being embarrassed that I didn't actually manage to quit and 2) writing an entire magazine issue and 3) being weirdly social? I dunno, basically look_alive has owned my free time lately with concerts and conventions and things. I'm not complaining.

So, basically not much happened to me until last Wednesday, when look_alive, manipulant and I road-tripped up to Madison to see fun. (for reasons, which were originally to do with the Chicago show being sold out and us only having two tickets to it, but later had to do with me being in DeKalb on the day of the Chicago show because DI is all about scheduling over things I really want to do). The show was pretty much entirely awesome, in that it was the first show I've been to in years that involved bouncing up and down and singing along raucously and without the slightest hint of shame (I miss that!) I'm still not sure what my exact relationship with fun. is, since I basically picked them up from look_alive at exactly the same time the rest of the world picked them up from Glee, so it's like I climbed up through a trap door and ended up on a bandwagon anyway. But whatever! It's cathartic music. Just... no one encourage me to write up my literary analysis of the musical and lyrical themes in Some Nights because it's going to ruin everything for everyone. (I also have an alternate interpretation that turns into a proof of how they're secretly immortal vampires, since Nate was kind enough at the Madison show to imply for all of us that he and Jack have eternal life. And also because lol pop culture.)

(Yes, you can tell I'm busy because it's taken me a week to write up a concert. Also you can tell that I've sold my soul because pop culture vampire jokes. Agh!)

Umm... there was also a DI tournament on Saturday, which was fun even though I contracted the plague and had to corral teams instead of watching the performances. I still caught some great ones, though, including a structure that exploded when it broke. And I had an absolutely fantastic conversation with four adorable girls from the last team of the day, who told me about how they'd all worked together to tease out one girl's hair into an approximately-three-foot-wide fluffball and how it'd probably stay like that forever and everyone would be jealous.) Unfortunately the day ended with an argument about what it means when a team calls "time" and the difference between "presentation" and "story" according to our rules, which spilled over into another three days of passive-aggressive emails over things that seemed really obvious to me. So... another argument I am trying to stay out of. (Why must these things always degenerate into arguments? Though at least no one has invoked Godwin's Law right off the bat on this one.)

Aaand then Sunday look_alive and I trundled off to C2E2. I'd meant to take lots of pictures because my camera hasn't been getting enough love lately, but I ended up at the convention with exactly two batteries, neither of which were charged. At all. Because I am a dufus. So I made do with just enjoying things in the moment, which was just fine. We wandered the dealer room, judged the artists' alley (well, okay, I'm not a good judge), discussed plotty things, and then played some Quidditch. Which, okay... I was kind of skeptical about muggle Quidditch, but it's fun, and there is actually strategy involved (which I didn't understand at all at the time, and I also got a girl rather angry at me because no one told me I needed to return to the goal posts every time I got bludgered... which happened a lot. But whatever. Still fun.) Also our team won (because we caught the snitch). Yep.

And actually, that should about do it, because not much has happened this week. One of my favorite people at work got fired and I'm really worried about her. I've written half a magazine. And I think I've discovered that I can actually write under deadlines provided I do at least 75% of the writing in a coffee shop. I can't write fiction worth anything in a coffee shop since I'm afraid of people judging, but somehow writing work-things in a coffee shop works because all my self-conscious fear of judgment goes into "Better not look at anything weird online" and "weird things online" is like, 80% of what I do with my free time when I should be writing so there we go... it's a solution, at least until I become less self-conscious. (Which works for me. Though my coffee budget is going to suck.)


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25th Apr, 2012 05:25 (UTC)
I AM A TRAPDOOR INTO POP CULTURE. Brb, putting that on my resume.

26th Apr, 2012 04:24 (UTC)
Personally, I think that'd look awesome on a resume and I'd at least interview anyone who had that as a heading, if I didn't hire them straight off.
26th Apr, 2012 04:44 (UTC)
Right? It can only speak highly of my character and excellent skillset.
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